What to do in Bangkok?

Hello everyone. Bangkok is everything you have imagined. Wild, dirty, crazy and very hot! I personally didn’t love Bangkok, but i understand why so many people love it. At home you are always wishing for that crazy night out or that adventurous day to come. In Bangkok you can have that every day.

So let’s talk about what matters. What should you do when in Bangkok? First of all you should find an hotel near a BTS station (sky train), because it will make your life so much easier. Hotels in Bangkok are not cheap so expect to pay more than 20$ per night.

What about food? Food is cheap if you eat street food, but my advice is to not eat street food unless it is fresh fruits. I hear so many bad stories about people getting sick from eating street food. And i know that when you see all the street food you will not want to eat it too. We always ate at restaurants and the food was good. Expect to pay between 5$-15$ per person. Check out the buffet on the 7th floor at the Chidlom Center. There is also a cool restaurant called Hungry Nerd at the exit of the Ratchathewi BTS station. There are restaurants all over so i’m sure you will find some more good ones.

Temples? Yes there are some cool temples you can explore. Just take the BTS and get out on the Saphan Taksin station. Go to the sea level floor and there you will take a boat through the river to the temples. I think you pay 5$ per person for the boat trip.

Now i will unveil the 2 places i loved the most. First was the Chatchuchak Market! This market is the biggest outdoor market in the world.  This Market only happens on the weekends. So take the BTS early in the morning to Mo Chi and the Chatchuchak Market will be on the right side when you get out of the station. You will find everything in this market, from used jeans, leather boots, wild animals and of course crazy food. Negotiate everything because you can buy everything for half the price they are asking for.


My second favorite place was the MBK mall. This is a 7 floor mall where you can shop pretty much everything for very good prices. Here again negotiate always the final price. We bought a 29” wheels luggage for 30$. Something that in the US or in Europe would cost me anywhere from 100$ to 200$.

Be careful when buying electronics. Always make sure everything works fine.

If you are a nightlife person and want to party hard, take a tuk-tuk or taxi to the Khao san road. This is a street full of bars and discos. Be careful because it can get pretty wild and crazy.

Now, the warnings so you don’t get scammed or put yourself in danger.

The tuk-tuk scam: If you go visit the great Palace, you may arrive at a closed door. As soon as you notice that, some tuk-tuk drivers will come to you and tell you that the Palace is closed because today is national holiday and they will offer you a tour to some cool places for a very cheap price. Don’t take this tour. They will stop in every store and force you to enter the store so they can get their commission.

When using a tuk-tuk always negotiate the price with the driver before you enter.

If you take a taxi always ask them to turn on the taximeter, if they refuse to do so, just get out of the taxi.

Always pay attention to your wallet, phone and camera when you are in crowded places.

Will leave you guys with some photos from our time in Bangkok. Please share you comments below.




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