How we stayed for FREE at a Pool Villa

Yes we stayed for absolutely 0 money at a beautiful Pool Villa. You want to know how? Keep following our blog, because i will write a complete blog post about it soon.

We stayed for 2 nights at the beautiful Alisea Boutique Hotel and now was time to relax far from Ao Nang busy life at the Alisea Pool Villas. We got there we received the keys to our  lovely, private Pool Villa as you can see on the next photo.


We couldn’t believe how awesome this was. An entire Villa, with 3 rooms 2 full bathrooms, kitchen and living room just for us. Oh i forgot about the pool with a jacuzzi and the tropical garden. Yeah we were in paradise. As this all wasn’t enough we still had a full staff team taking good care of us with anything we needed. Breakfast was very similar with the one from the Boutique Hotel. Very good by the way.

Rita was on the moon when she realized we could do all our workouts just on our private garden. Yeyyyyy. We stayed here 3 amazing days. We did some trekking through the jungle and just relaxed the rest of the time by our gorgeous pool.

They have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms villas which is perfect for family retreats or just for a romantic escape. This was the perfect escape to recharge our batteries and get us prepared for our next adventures.

Since we started traveling almost 4 weeks ago we never been in such a relaxing place. This felt truly magical. 4 weeks of long bus trips, flights, parties left us with fatigue accumulation, so this was just what we were needing.

If you are in need of some rest or just want to relax with friends or family this is one of the best places to do that.

Check their website, because they to do promotions all the time.

Here are the photos from our beautiful Pool Villa 🙂

Keep following our journey, because the big secret will be revealed soon!




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