Last spot of our Thailand trip

Yeah unfortunately our trip around Thailand is over. We are flying out from Bangkok today. Can you guess what our destination will be?

Ko Lanta was such an amazing place to explore. It actually is very non touristic, so it adds a special touch to it. We stayed at the amazing Crown Lanta Resort. We got a beautiful little oceanfront pool villa. The kind of rooms you only see in movies or honeymoons. Crown lanta is settled on a little peninsula in ko lanta. And that is very cool because you get all the privacy you are looking for. There are shuttle buses within Crown Lanta to transport you from the lobby to your villa, pool our restaurants, so you can imagine that it is a pretty huge resort. It looks like a little village. We loved our time there and feel blessed to have had this opportunity of exploring this stunning place.

We didn’t explore as much as we wanted because we had to work a lot on our blog and on new little secrets that will be revealed soon. But that is what a travel blogger does. You relax, you explore amazing places, you party hard and you work from your laptop from any place in the world. That is the life we wanted so we don’t mind working when staying on an amazing resort. That is part of the game.

This will be a short one, because we have to finish packing our bags and leave to the airport, so i will leave you with some photos from our time in Ko Lanta and from the Crown Lanta Resort. And if you have the time definitely check their website!

Also want to thank everyone that has been following our journey. 🙂

Talk to you soon,




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