Here is Why Bali Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Bali is truly considered to be a remote piece of Heaven and we are pretty sure that it doesn’t come as a shock to you. There are few fun things that people skip doing as they prefer lying on the beach all day long. While this is alright, there are much more incredible activities to undertake thus making your time worthwhile.


First of all, think of Bali as an exotic countryside. Don’t expect huge buildings and a very modern society. People there are pure, kind and very simple (in a good way). The destination is rather inexpensive although getting there can turn out to be pricey. Once you land, a taxi fare will come to about 8$. The average price of a meal is about 11$. If you, however, decide to visit a mall and look to buy name brand clothing, then you should be prepared to pay a rather high price similar to most cities in the world. The best way to move around the island is by a scooter.

The Kuta region is the most popular among tourists and of course we will recommend that you get out of there as soon as possible. But not before taking part in a wonderful activity. The Bali Sea Turtle Society helps baby turtles hatch in a protected environment. Every few days they allow volunteers to release baby sea turtles into the ocean. The feeling is simply amazing, it is completely free and if you are there with your significant other, they will love you for doing this with them.

Ubud is one of the finer destinations as it has a variety of things to offer. Local markets host cooking classes. By all means, make sure you partake in one and cook with traditional ingredients. You will get to know the local produce and can have Balinese dishes such as Gado-Gado. You will be astonished by the traditional cooking methods.

In Bali, you get to see an impressive mixture of wildlife and ancient temples. Our next few lines will focus on some of the more interesting sites which combine both of those things. The Ubud Monkey forest is for those looking to venture into the wild. Monkeys there roam free among tourists and you will surely snap some great photos. These little fellas can be quite pesky, though, so be alert.

At the Balinese temple Tirta Empul, you can perform a traditional ritual. This will be perhaps one of the more fascinating experiences you will have on the island. The pools are filled with holy water and if you learn about how to perform the ritual properly beforehand, you will feel rejuvenated, cleansed and refreshed.

The Uluwatu Temple combines the presence of monkeys with traditional customs. It is built on a cliff over the ocean. The monkeys are really pesky but in the evening you can observe some traditional dances and performances around fires.

Since beaches are truly why people want to go to Bali, we will share some information on how to avoid the crowded spots. If you walk around the Padang Padang beach you will surely be able to locate a secluded area. You can also fancy visiting some resorts for lunch and drinks. Most will also allow you to attend their private beaches thus granting you access to serenity.

The final attraction worth mentioning is again related to beaches and the ocean. Bali Seawalkerwater is as transparent as glass and you get to touch colorful, friendly fish. It is a perfectly safe endeavor, no certification is required and it might push you to try scuba diving at a later stage.


Bali presents you with an opportunity to encounter a unique Asian culture which can hardly be duplicated anywhere in the region. This is a vacation that you simply won’t ever forget.



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