The YouTube Travel Vlog Starter Kit

We have already become familiar with the most basic tips on how to create and maintain a travel blog in one of our previous articles. Having a YouTube travel channel is pretty much the same but instead of writing about your experience, you need to film it properly and then edit it.

It is completely up to you to decide how you want to shape up your videos. Of course longer videos are best cut in parts so that you won’t lose your viewers’ attention. Not to mention that people will rarely click on a video with a duration of 40 min. Let’s assume you know what it takes to be a travel blogger and is now looking to become a vlogger.

Don’t worry if you have scarce filming experience. After all, this is a video blog and people will not expect top-notch editing job. However, good gear is essential and will cover up some of your mistakes. In order to make it simpler for you, we will list some of the gear you will need if you want to start running a successful YouTube channel about traveling. Here is some insight on the YouTube vlog starter kit.

You will need at least two cameras – one regular one and a GoPro. Most newbies cannot afford a GoPro right away so don’t worry about. As far as cameras go, don’t look at brands but instead focus on certain characteristics. Look for a gadget with slow motion, fast autofocus, in-body stabilization and of course, a selfie mode. All of these components are crucial for a travel blog as you will walk a lot, jump, climb hills or even swim while filming. Speaking of swimming, if you have a GoPro, make sure it is waterproof.

Buy a plug-and-play microphone. Most inexpensive options come with a wind muff and do not require batteries. This is an ideal situation. The sound is very important for your vlog and you want all the extra pesky noises to be reduced to a minimum.

Get lots of memory in all shapes and forms. You will need a wide array of SD cards of at least 64 GB each. Film away and store everything on an external hard drive. 2 TB should suffice for a relatively long trip. As far as a laptop goes, you do not need to spend a lot on a name brand. Hardware doesn’t matter as much as the software and your own editorial skills.

There are two main ways to keep all of this technology going. First of all get a power bank. While this sounds like an obvious thing, it is often neglected. Go the extra mile and buy a power bank which also supports solar charging. The other thing is a portable extension cord. It plugs directly into your typical converter but provides you with at least 4 more outlets. Most people don’t realize how important this thing is until they have to charge 2 cameras, 1 GoPro, a laptop, a mobile phone, and some AAA batteries at the same time.

It is obvious that a good YouTube travel channel requires some investments to be made. Unlike a regular blog, you will need some more equipment here but your popularity can grow way quicker. You will agree with us that not owning even one of the aforementioned pieces of equipment can prove to be critical to your channel. You never want to be in a situation in which you aren’t able to capture something beautiful because of lack of equipment.

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