Budva is a Tourist Gem Hidden on the Adriatic Coast of Montenegro

Eastern Europe should definitely not be neglected when making your plan to travel around Europe. These regions possess some impressive history and nowadays they present every traveler with an outstanding mixture of culture and modern structures.

The Interrail in Europe allows backpackers to explore European countries by train and at a discounted price. This is simply a great opportunity – one that I couldn’t pass up. A town which definitely left a mark on my memories with its beauty and character is Budva in Montenegro. It is a coastal tourist resort on the Adriatic Sea.  It represents a well-preserved, walled, medieval city. In fact, with its 2 500 years of age, it is one of the oldest settlements in that area.

The diverse nightlife along with the preserved natural beaches have won Budva the nickname “Montenegrin Miami”. The place is crowded and buzzing with people year round. While there is indeed a winter season, it is not very distinct and this is why people travel to Budva all the time.




During the summer you will be able to observe some luxury yachts at the marina. People from all over the world visit this little piece of Heaven and you can see boats under flags from all continents. The little fishing vessels are overshadowed by the expensive yachts but in the winter they are a little bit more visible. This kind of adds to the venue and seeing Budva in December is not necessarily the worst idea as well.

If you are looking for beaches then you are in luck. Two of them are worth mentioning. The first one is Richard’s head beach and it is located right by the walls of the Old town. It is a rather small beach but you can spend a little time enjoying the atmosphere there. The other one and more popular beach is called Mogren beach. It might be really crowded so I can’t really guarantee you will have the best experience there.

As you move past Mogren beach you will encounter the Dancing Girl statue. Every tourist in Budva takes a picture with this thing. It is quite famous and you might have to wait in line for a little while in order to get a decent shot at it.

Budva is a tourist gem and its most impressive landmark is, of course, the Old Town. It also has a citadel which was built to protect the city from the sea and was also dedicated to St. Mary. As you make your way through the walls of the old town you will find yourself in a pedestrian only area filled with cafes and restaurants. By all means, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or juice. The place will definitely make you appreciate and enjoy life.

As far as churches go, one of the oldest ones in the coastal region is the Church of St. John. The other one worth mentioning is the Holy Trinity Church. If you decide to climb the Citadel, a marvelous view will be revealed in front of you displaying both the city of Budva and the Adriatic Sea in front of your eyes.

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