Is Croatia Really Becoming so Popular for Tourism?

Croatia is a country which offers a unique experience on the Adriatic coast. Tourists are eager to see the rock formations along the coast and have a fantastic trip to several Croatian cities. Again the European Interrail will help you visit all of Croatia’s beauties. This is how I did it and was simply marvelous.

We are kicking off our virtual trip around Croatia by focusing on the town of Hvar first. You go there not because of flashy buildings or nightlife. This is the place where you can truly admire the Adriatic coast and there are several things you can do in Hvar related to such activities. First of all, go cliff jumping. Although it mind sound a little scary, it is in fact a lot of fun. Next, explore the Blue Grotto which is a cave full of blue water. The glow will surely captivate you as you paddle around the cave. You can also rent a speedboat or do bike riding along the coast right by the rocks.

Dubrovnik is perhaps the jewel in Croatia’s crown and one of the main reasons people travel hundreds of miles in order to reach the country. It really possesses rich history and people go there to feel the medieval spirit and also enjoy the atmosphere which is created by the locals. Get used to the crowds as they will be everywhere. As most cities in that region, Dubrovnik also has an Old Town. The city used to be a merchants’ centre and as you walk around the narrow, walled streets you will enjoy plenty of ancient architecture. You simply cannot miss Dubrovnik if you are doing an Interrail trip around Europe.


Split is the second in size and population in Croatia. This city is pristinely located right on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea. It is believed to be founded by a Greek nobleman and was later taken by the Roman Empire. The area along the marina is called “the Riva” and is the main place to have a great seafood meal and a glass of wine. The palms and the expensive boats really add to the feeling. Don’t miss Diocletian’s Palace. It just might be the most impressive building you will see during your trip to Croatia.

Finally, you can end your trip to Zrce beach. This is a pebble beach close to the towns of Novalja and Gajac. This is where you can enjoy fine drinks, nightlife and plenty of parties along the coast. This area is exclusively popular among youngsters. Enjoy it!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to why Croatia’s tourist business is booming. The country will simply take you to another time with its architecture, culture, and history. However, it will also bring you back to modern times with classy restaurants, expensive yachts, top-notch seafood and of course – palm trees.

So don’t waste any more time and find a cheap way to visit this marvelous area. Do as I did – see what the Interrail has to offer.

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