The City of Vilnius Shouldn’t be Underestimated as a Tourist Destination

Although venturing around the more developed countries in Europe is very popular, you shouldn’t overlook the Baltic region. If you can make your way to Lithuania and Vilnius in particular, then, by all means, do it. You are going to look extra cool among your friends once you start telling impressive stories about your trip.

Vilnius has turned into a busy, modern metropolis in the years after the demise of socialism. At the same time, the place has kept its somewhat rural character which is typical for a small town. You will observe green areas everywhere and will definitely be satisfied by the Old Town. In fact, you can cover this whole area only on foot.

Young people are slowly starting to dominate the society in Vilnius and their perspective is easily felt. The city is rapidly growing and the number of bars has increased about three times between 2010 and today. One area that tourists might skip seeing and they shouldn’t is Literary Street. It is also known as Writers’ Street and it basically represents an open-air gallery. This is where you can observe a wall full of portraits and quotes of famous Lithuanian authors. If you are looking for a peaceful, educational walk with your family then do not miss on seeing Literary Street.

Speaking of education, buy a ticket and attend the Museum of Genocide Victims. Yes, this is not a jolly experience but it is a rather important one if you want to grasp a little of Lithuania’s history. This building actually used to be a KGB headquarters. You can walk in the chambers where atrocities have happened and will likely be a little bit shaken from the view. Nevertheless, you will definitely remember this place if you see it.


Now let’s shift to a very pleasant place. It is called Uzupis and is a neighbourhood of Vilnius. The district is known for its art and also for being a place where you can see a number of monuments. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name means “the other side of the river” and yes, you can expect to see a river there.

An amazing activity that I bet you didn’t expect to hear here is driving a tank. Yep, you go to a specific driving range and for 65 Euro you get to ride a real tank for 1 hour. You can even run through old, decommissioned cards to even have exceeding amounts of fun. Try this, it’s the best.

Don’t miss the Trakai Island Castle as it truly is the most breathtaking historical in Lithuania. It has three phases of construction as during its 800-year history it has been damaged quite a few times. During its 3rd phase, it actually became a prison. The Trakai Island Castle was renovated after World War Two and nowadays thousands of tourists visit it regularly.

Hope this piece have helped you decide whether to see Lithuania or not. A vacation to a not so popular place is always a very interesting experience.

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