The Ocean…

I just cannot stop thinking about the ocean. There is something about the water noises, the spectacular view and the sand at the beach that makes the whole experience therapeutic. I am at my happy place when in deep sea and at the beach.

When my girlfriend, Rita, and I left Portugal in 2017, we decided that we would enjoy life to the fullest and travel the hell out of this earth. We dream of purchasing a boat to aid us in our escapades. Our main goal is to clean out plastics from the ocean; did you know that there are about eight trillion kilograms of plastic in our oceans? Yeah! Very annoying.


Way Out

The massive amount of plastic dumped in the sea was useful before it was thrown away, and is still very useful after. Not everyone can be in the leadership positions to come up with laws governing the use of plastic, but we can all reuse a plastic bottle…

The plastic in the ocean can be used to make 3rd world countries a better place. Well, I am no genius of recycling, but wait and see what I come up with in my upcoming blogs about this. This is, of course, after we get that boat.

Where shall all the ocean plastic go? It should not be in the sea in the first place. All the carelessly dumped plastic can be recycled. You can also approach companies like The Plastic Bank and trade the collected plastic for money or commodities. This is very effective in 3rd world countries: plastic waste eradicating poverty!


Meanwhile, I will keep strategizing and enjoying the ocean. The best thing you can do to your life is to actually live your life. Dream big and go for it. There will be hard times but at the end it will pay off.


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